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East Coast Polyurethanes produce a large range of products for a vast range of applications. This section has some photos of unusual applications that help to demonstrate the diverse number of applications in which polyurethane can be used.


Opportunities to use Polyurethane

  • The relative low cost of moulding allows polyurethane to be an excellent product for producing phototypes. We have produced product shapes by 3d printing or cmc routing from files from #D cad programs and then used these to produce moulds, which were used to produce the required components. This is an effective method of production for runs of under 1000 products[/item]
  • One of our photos shows model railway huts and railway tracks made from polyurethane. this shows the detail that the polyurethane can pick up when moulding and produced a product that was not affected by weather, rodents or insects
  • Polyurethane can be used as a protective coating to protect the products being lifted or moved. The lining of lifting hooks and fork tines are excellent examples of this
  • East Coast Polyurethanes have produced a static distributor to feed spirals from mould polyurethane inserts with identical outlets to ensure consistent balanced flow rates irrespective of incremental changes in feed rate
  • By using cnc routers on large sheets we can produce moulding for large flat items with an example of this being a large shaker table mats
  • The many uses and applications for polyurethane is vast and varied