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We have the facilities to engineer, fabricate and line new wheels as well as refurbish old wheels. Polyurethane is cast directly to the wheel; this creates a secure bond between the polyurethane and the wheel hub. It also insures a seamless wheel. Our polyurethane wheels offer higher load bearing capacity and are more durable than alternatives such as rubber and plastics. East Coast Polyurethanes can machine wheels to provide the exact profile and surface texture that you require. In addition we have the expertise to ensure the right type of polyurethane is used for your specific requirements.

East Coast Polyurethanes line a huge range of wheels and rollers, including, forklift wheels, road rollers, conveyer rollers, trommel wheels, guide wheels, drive rollers and pulleys, idler rollers, feed rollers, printing rollers, laundry wheels and rollers.

Key Advantages

  • Reduced wear due to excellent abrasion resistance
  • Increased lifespan of plant equipment
  • High resilience
  • Refurbishment of old wheels saving the cost of a new unit
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Many road rollers are now using our polyurethane wheels as they provide enough flex not to crush the road base